Dr Green Lawn


Dr. Green Lawn is a lawn care company located in Salamanca, New York. They provide lawn care, insect control, weed control, grub control, deer repellent and more. Since 1983, they have been fertilizing lawns in the Southern tier New York area and the Northern Pennsylvania territory

Today Dr Green Lawn provides their services to residential, commercial and athletic fields. Their four visit lawn care treatment is their most popular to with residents to deliver a lush green lawn without the weeds.

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Project Details

Dr Green Lawn was established in 1893 has been growing ever since. The came to Big Waterfall and asked us to design a logo that depicted an old military tank blasting a dandelion. After the logo design was delivered we designed the responsive website to target all of the towns in Dr Green Lawn’s serviceable area. By creating multiple doorways in the geo-location SEO campaign, we expanded their reach to more customers searching for lawn care treatment companies.

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