7 Reasons Why Your Business Needs an SEO Strategy

SEO is not dead. It is alive and very much kicking. Organic search engine traffic is still leading over social media traffic and paid traffic. Developing an SEO strategy cannot be ignored by any business looking to generate revenue from more traffic.  Developing SEO is becoming more complicated as search engine algorithms evolve and use more diverse factors in ranking websites. Engaging SEO services of a professional is a good idea to be on the right track. Anyway, you still need a sound SEO strategy.

Mobile traffic

Web traffic analytics since 2015 show that mobile traffic has overtaken desktop traffic. This is still an unexploited territory. Google has started ranking websites that offer better user experience for mobile users higher. This means that you will have to work out ways to attract mobile traffic and optimize your content for mobile users.

Cost effectiveness

The cost of good SEO services and developing a good SEO strategy has better ROI than other methods of pulling traffic. It is cheaper than social media marketing, PPC, and even purchasing leads for email marketing. Even when these other methods are used, they must be tied to good SEO for better results.

Search engine still rule

Web traffic data shows that search engines traffic continues to make up the biggest chunk of web traffic. Google continues to dominate the web. While SEO tactics and search engine workings have changed, web users are still using search engines as the first stop when looking up products and services on the web. You will need SEO services to keep your business relevant.

Market share

Some consumer studies have shown that 80-90% of people looking to buy online or offline will first do a search online for reviews and other customer feedback on a product, service or brand.  Customers are able to locate businesses direct from maps on Google.  Lack of a sound SEO strategy could make your business miss out big on potential customers.

Changing algorithms

Staying on top in search engine ranking requires constant work. Algorithm updates introduce new metrics.   Google has come from ranking for keywords to include metrics like social media mentions and responsive website design. Your SEO services must be constantly working to keep up with these changes in search engine workings.

Staying correct

Tactics that may have worked in the past may no longer work or could be even considered black hat and get penalized. You need good SEO strategy to work out which tactics work best in which situations and avoid using dangerous tactics like keyword stuffing out of ignorance.

The competition

Your competition is not ignorant of the power of good SEO. You must keep up and stay ahead.