On the web, first impressions matter and can make or break a potential business relationship. User experience has become the holy grail of web design. Webmasters doing WordPress maintenance are constantly looking for ways to improve the customer’s experience on their website. The reason is simple enough. There are thousands of other websites offering the same product and services so the customer does not have to bear with bad experience like broken links, poor typo, and spammy links and so on. Great web design has a direct impact on business performance by pulling more customers.

Brand credibility

Just like good looks make a good first impression, a well-designed website makes a web user curious enough to see what is on offer. It displays professionalism to the potential customer, that your business has taken the time and effort to make his experience comfortable and worthwhile.

Sensible and informative content leaves a lasting impression on the potential customer and she is likely to mark the site as an authority meaning she is likely to visit again and make a purchase.

Customer direction

Good web design ensures that the user is able to find what she is looking for quickly. Good design goes beyond making the site beautiful. It focuses on keeping the user engaged. There are links, tabs, and categories to make it easier to navigate the site. A good webmaster gives alternatives in case the user does not find what she is looking for.

Better communication

Webmasters should be able to respond to customer feedback by availing informative content during routine WordPress maintenance. This involves having a FAQ section, video tutorials, and live chat support and so on. This makes the customer comfortable to make a purchase as she is sure there is good after sales support.

Calls to action

A good web design has a direct emotional connection with the potential customer. A call to action on the site can spur the user to do something tangible like click on a link to take advantage of an offer. The customer feels empowered to make choices and act on them.

Learning experience

Potential customers will most likely be coming to the site to confirm what the search engine has said. The customer is looking for information about a product or service.  If a website is offering more information that appears genuine and sensible, a customer will be content enough to make a purchase.

Lasting impression

The website is the first medium of interaction for researching the business’ products or services. It is a chance for the business to make its pitch.  If the business can convince the customer the first time, the impression will last and she is likely to recommend it to others.